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Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman

San Jose, ca


Gary Coleman's art career had a long gestation period, its academic inception going back to grade school where his preoccupation with drawing contributed to his earning a second try at first grade. He would not feel comfortable calling himself an artist until many years later, after his retirement from thirty years of teaching high school English and history. Gary minored in art and majored in English at San Jose State University, with the intention of becoming a suffering writer. Upon earning his BA, he entered a field with, he would soon discover, far more potential for suffering. He started teaching. He admits that his first year was a disaster. Following that year, he delivered milk to the homes of his students' families and their neighbors, but he also learned of a dream job.

In 1964, he applied for and got a position with the Department of State Diplomatic Courier Service to be stationed in Frankfurt, Germany. He accompanied top secret materials to virtually every capital city in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Whereas teaching offered very little time to paint, the courier job made it available, there often being a week or two of free time between trips. It also opened opportunities to see great accomplishments in art in amazing museums and galleries. He treated himself to an on location study of art history and appreciation.

After 2 years of living the Cold War and witnessing Africa's bloody emergence from colonialism, Mr. Coleman headed off to Paris where he was accepted into the prestigious Beaux Arts to study drawing and painting. This period in Paris would become especially important to his life, as he would meet the woman who would become his wife.

Karoline, from the German Alps, and Gary, married since 1968, live today in San Jose, CA, and have two grown children.

Gary retired from teaching in San Jose (and for two years in Brussels, Belgium) in 1998. At first he was preoccupied with the idea of producing a body of work that could be recognized as his own, but as he painted more, he found, to his relief, that he was just becoming Gary Coleman naturally. His rolling California hills and other landscapes that thrive on inspired use of color over a superstructure of well thought out composition are now recognized by many art lovers in his South Bay Area environment.

While he continues to experiment with color and composition, he does so within his own artistic skin. Skin allows for expansion.

Since 1998, Gary has won more than 20 show ribbons, including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, in local shows.

In 2001 he had a one man show entitled "The Artist as Landscape" at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto. Praised for both its use of humor and its artistic merit, the show was comprised of paintings depicting what the artist saw of his self without the use of reflective technology.

For one three-month period in 2004, he was the featured artist for the Palo Alto First Friday Art Walks. Since then, he has had a number of one-person shows including "Gary Coleman, Landscapes" at the Pacific Grove Art Center, and in 2006 and 2007 he paired with sculptress Karen Devich for shows at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto. He has been represented at one time or another by the Sobi Gallery in Burlingame, The Arte Junction in Winters, Casa Galleria in San Juan Bautista and currently by the Valley Art Gallery in Walnut Creek, Stone Griffin Gallery in Campbell and The Museum of Los Gatos' Gallery in Los Gatos.


Skyline to the Sea by Gary Coleman


Thundercap Rising in Santa Fe by Gary Coleman


Voluptuous Windy Hill by Gary Coleman


Sunset on Rollers by Gary Coleman


Uphill Climb Revisited. by Gary Coleman


Sonoma Vinyard by Gary Coleman


Glowing Hill by Gary Coleman


Looking West by Gary Coleman


Big Blue Tree by Gary Coleman


Somber Sunday by Gary Coleman


Dark Reflections by Gary Coleman


Landforms, You've Never Been Here by Gary Coleman


Between Rains by Gary Coleman


Landforms, Suggestion of Place by Gary Coleman


Quiet Day by Gary Coleman


Landforms, Suggestion of a Memory by Gary Coleman


hill by Gary Coleman


California View by Gary Coleman


Flower Show by Gary Coleman


Deep Tones by Gary Coleman


Mt. Diablo 2 by Gary Coleman


Rolling On by Gary Coleman


Clouds Above by Gary Coleman


Blue and Gold by Gary Coleman


Above the Highway by Gary Coleman


Fault Line by Gary Coleman


Hoover Tower in Sight by Gary Coleman


Into the Valley by Gary Coleman


Up Bernal Road by Gary Coleman


Red Barn by Gary Coleman


Cast of Shadows by Gary Coleman


Fog Comes In by Gary Coleman


path by Gary Coleman


Asilomar Paint Out by Gary Coleman


Over My House by Gary Coleman


Dunes at Asilomar by Gary Coleman


CA Coastal Sketch by Gary Coleman


San Antonio de Padua by Gary Coleman


Between Crops by Gary Coleman


Stanford by the Bay by Gary Coleman


Cloud on the Rise by Gary Coleman


La Rusticana revisited by Gary Coleman


Peggy's Road by Gary Coleman


El Toro at Rest by Gary Coleman


280 Below by Gary Coleman


Windy Hill Triptych I by Gary Coleman


Windy Hill Triptych II by Gary Coleman


Windy Hill Triptych III by Gary Coleman